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Add Sms - No Duplicate Entries Please

If you tried to spam, wrote abusive/in-appropriate messages, your complete account and All messages added by YOU will be deleted forever. Your Mobile Sim will be blocked by contacting PTA. We are saving your IP ADDRESS . We will contact FIA incase of serious matter.

Please Read these instructions before adding/submitting SMS

  • Don't Add any female's mobile number or any other details which he/she doesn't like to be shown on
  • Don't Add multiple sms - same message again and again, your account will be terminated
  • Don't Write political jokes or politics
  • Don't Publish your mobile number in message, it will be shown automatically on each sms
  • Don't Post links to other websites, or promote your product, its not a classifieds website
  • Don't use bad language or S_E_X related Words, you will be banned
  • If you are nice, We are friends. Otherwise, we don't need eachother